Saturday, February 4, 2012

Papa's Pizza, Milford CT

Papa's Pizza has two locations in Milford CT.  The original location is on Naugatuck Avenue in the Devon section of Milford.  Papa's is a takeout only joint for the most part, but they do have some benches outdoors for nice weather.  Another way to enjoy Papa's Pizza is to pick some up on your way to the beach as it is right near Silver Sands and Walnut Beach.  Papa's Pizza serves up New Haven style pizza, and although there are probably a thousand places that do New Haven pies, there are not many places that do it right!
Small Mushroom:  A high quality pizza starts with high quality ingredients and Papa's cuts no corners here.  The crust is thin and crispy with some nice char and tastes more like a bread baked by a artisan baker. Continuing on from the crust is their homemade sauce with sweet stewed tomatoes and loads of garlic - there have been fights that have broken out over the slice with a large chunk of tomato that made its way on from the sauce.  As with the rest of the ingredients, the mushrooms and cheese are excellent.  Papa's probably has our favorite pie in CT right now. 10

Chicken "Cone" Grinder:  For starters, the cone grinder is not a regular sandwich.  This is actually half of a large loaf of Italian bread that's been hollowed out, stuffed with some nicely spiced grilled chicken, cheese, and their special sauce, then sealed with the core of the bread.  I would like to see the guy that orders this for lunch on a regular basis, because this sandwich, if you can call it that, is ridiculous.  Aside from it being a sight to behold, it's also pretty damn tasty. 7

If you live closer to Milford then you don't need to travel far to get one of the best New Haven style pies ever made.  Like a lot of local CT eateries you can get Foxon Park sodas here. Since this is a takeout place you don't need to worry about waiting in lines outside the door, but if you order on a busy night don't expect to be getting a pie in 20 minutes. If you don't live near Milford, pick a nice day and grab some pizza to enjoy at the beach - it's worth the drive!

Overall experience: 9


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  2. Very lovely and delicious chicken "cone" grinder..