Monday, December 19, 2011

Gaetano's Deli, Monroe CT

Geatano's has two locations: Geatano's Stratford and Monroe.  One location is just as good as the other and we love to visit them both.  For the most part they are a take out deli but we like to eat there. The Stratford location has a few outdoor tables when the weather is nice. The Monroe one has some indoor seating which is nice in the winter.  If you choose to dine in, they set you up with a plate with a side of macaroni or antipasta salad which are always excellent.

The store has a good selection of groceries to checkout while waiting for your food - imported meats, cheeses, pastas, etc.  But the reason we come here is always for the sandwiches.   There are a lot of good ones on the menu, but we always have to get at least one "Big Guy Combo" half of one is pictured below.

Big Guy Combo: To start, the base for a excellent sandwich is the bread - without a good roll nothing can bring a sandwich back.  Gaetano's delivers here with rolls and breads that are brought in daily from Bronx's Arthur Avenue.  The sandwich is then built up with a heaping pile of cured meats including ham, salami, mortadella, sopressata, and to finish - some nice stinky provolone.  We usually like ours topped off with lettuce, tomato, onion, hot peppers, oil and vinegar.  The result is one of the most obscene Italian sandwiches you will ever set your eyes and taste buds on.  This sandwich is Italian heaven.  10

If you live in Fairfield county, you have probably already been to Gaetano's. If you don't, then I have to say it's worth the drive.  So far, this place for us is unmatched as far as Italian Delis go - authentic, fresh and they have the seemingly rare ability to pull it all together and make some great sandwiches.

Overall Experience: 9.5


  1. They are the best! Everyone I know loves them. The food, the people, the's all wonderful.

  2. Consistently very good! Quality second to none. When unexpected company arrives, I can run to Gaetano's Deli and come home with a beautiful meal!!! (that I didn't have to make myself, yeah!!!!)

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