Monday, January 10, 2011

Nica's Market, New Haven CT

Just outside of downtown New Haven, Nica's Market is located at 603 Orange Street.  There is no indoor seating but there are a bunch of tables and chairs out on their patio which should be really nice during the warmer months.  Unfortunately for us, at the time of this review it was freezing and there was snow out. We ate on the patio anyway.
A local market and deli, Nica's serves up a surprisingly large variety of hot Italian foods, pizza, and deli sandwiches.  The tightly packed store also had a very nice selection of imported and organic foods, baked goods and flowers.  If you go during lunch, expect to be crowded in and waiting in line with streams of locals.
Being unfamiliar with this deli, we decided to go for the Italian combo.  While waiting in line for the deli, we saw some really tasty looking pizzas - their Sicilian with bacon and onions was calling out to me so we got a slice of that as well.
Italian combo: For around 6 bucks we got this sandwich with oil, vinegar, and hot cherry peppers.  It came nicely proportioned with salami, capicola, and provolone.  It was a little plain with just the capicola and salami; and the bread was not the most exciting.  But still a well-constructed and delicious sandwich with quality ingredients. 7.5
Sicilian Slice:  For around 3 bucks this slice was loaded up with bacon and onions. The crust was amazing - very fluffy and light with a nice crisp to the bottom.  The sauce was excellent and the toppings all just seemed to be floating on the crust.  What a pleasant surprise to find an out-of-this-world slice of pizza at a deli.

If you are in New Haven and craving a deli sandwich or a slice of pizza, then Orange Street is where you need to go.  We did not get to try a lot of their hot foods and deli salads but they had a huge selection of really good looking stuff. We also picked up a jar of Nica's brand marinara which was as good as jarred marinara gets - nice amount of olive oil and very tasty.  Nicas's is another awesome find with a lot to offer and I will definitely be back for more.

Overall Experience: 8.5