Thursday, October 28, 2010

What is Connecticut Food Tour?

We are a CT food blog.  We love to eat, we love to drink, and we do not discriminate against good food!  We don't mind paying for great food, but we're not fans of fancy, over-priced places with mediocre food drowning in pretension and over-salted sauce.  We'll try them once in awhile just to make sure we're not missing anything, but we almost always leave disappointed.  We'd rather take buck-fifty tacos from a truck any day!

Our goal is to search out the greatest local fare throughout our home state of Connecticut - mainly to find those precious gems that you will not find in regular tourist establishments.  We plan to take you on a tour of some of our local favorites and find some great new ones.  (We'll start with what's close and work our way out.)  This is New England people; there is rich culinary history and diversity here, and we want to taste it all.  Support your local businesses!

We plan to rate each place on taste and overall experience.

Taste: We do not work for the food channel and cannot try all or even a representative sample of the menu in a visit.   We can only rate the dish we had, but we will post updates on a given joint if we try something else from the menu and find it worth sharing.

Overall Experience:  This is a catch-all rating of the establishment, service, price and atmosphere. Did we enjoy eating there, was it clean, was it cheap, was it fun?