Monday, December 13, 2010

Yolanda's Bakery, Deli & Grocery, Derby CT

Yolanda's is a tiny bakery, deli, and grocery located at 17 Hawthorne Avenue in Derby.  I would not say they are easy to find - Hawthorne is not really a main drag and even Yelp had this place listed as closed at the time of this review.  And from outward appearances, this place probably would not draw you right in.
But once inside you quickly realize this is one of those hole in the wall gems that can be hard to find.  This is a small family run business supported by a steady stream of local residents who know what this place is about.  The old makeshift shelves of the store are scattered with various imported goods as well as common grocery items.  There is a pizza oven and they have a nice selection of deli meats, breads, and pastries.  And they do have a nice selection of beers.
Although I have heard great things about their pizza, when I stopped in it was a Saturday nearing close, so they were done with slices.  No worries, I decided to try out the deli end of the business.  For me, the test for a deli like this is the Italian combo.

Italian Combo: Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, the roll here is the base for a great sandwich - probably because they're freshly baked on premise.  The combo was loaded up with capicola, ham, salami, and I believe provolone.  The usual lettuce, tomato, onion, oil, vinegar and for hot peppers they had jalapenos.  Normally I prefer cherry or banana peppers on my subs but their jalapenos are nice and tangy and went well with the sandwich.  A great roll, authentic tasting deli meats, this sandwich had a robust and fresh taste to it. 8.5

This place is out of the way and a bit of a hole in the wall but one of those places I only wish that I would have found earlier.  I will definitely be back and am already craving another one of their subs.

Overall Experience: 8

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