Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ivy Noodle, New Haven CT

Located at 316 Elm Street in New Haven, Ivy Noodle has been a favorite for a while now. It's cheap, convenient and I do have a love for noodles.
 The decor is nothing fancy. I would call it utilitarian - just an efficient setup for getting people in, fed  and moving along.
It's not the fried noodles that bring me in here. I can't even say that I tried them even though I have been here a lot.  This is a winter stop for me because that's the time of year for soup.   All the soups seem to come with a standard broth which is nothing too exciting but is a non-overwhelming base for holding all the ingredients.  There is a large selection of types of noodle to choose from: Spinach Noodle, Chow Fun, Lo Mein, Udon, Cantonese, Rice, Vermicelli, or Wide Egg noodle.  This particular time we tried the Roast Pork and Wonton and the Seafood Noodle.
Roast Pork and Wonton Noodle:  This soup goes for $5.25 and comes with slices of pork, wontons, yuchoy, chives and dried garlic.  I went with the Cantonese noodle. The sliced pork was more like a bbq pork which adds a bit of a sweet flavor I really enjoy.  The wontons are excellent and have a flavor that is very different from your standard Chinese food wonton.  The yuchoy is a green that's maybe a cross between spinach and broccoli rabe, and really gives the soup a fresh taste.  Loved the chives in my soup but the dried garlic I could have done without. 7
Seafood Noodle: For the same price, if you're a fan of seafood and fishballs, this is the soup for you. The shrimp and squid are fresh, and the fishballs are... well fishballs. It's an acquired taste. If you've never had them before, the slightly chewy, processed texture might be challenging. Udon noodle and red pepper sauce are a great complement to this soup. The yuchoy again lends a fresh taste and texture. 7.5

This place is like the decor, utilitarian.  There is nothing extraordinary about the food but this is a great place where you can run in get a bowl of fresh hot soup for 7 bucks with tip and leave satisfied. 

Overall experience:   7.5

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