Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lia's Pizza, Shelton CT

Lia’s has been a favorite lunch spot of mine for years now.  They have some tables but this is primarily a takeout joint.  Located on River Road in Shelton, it's right across from Sunnyside Park - a good place to have your lunch by the river on a nice day.

Lia's is a bit of a hole in the wall which is fine by me but what used to be an adjacent seating area has been turned into a consignment shop!  Nothing like browsing at some used couches and TV's to build up your appetite while you wait for your food.  The prices for food are very good but drinks are a bit overpriced, and if you want a 2 liter expect to pay double to drink it in their café.

Service is always quick and their red sauce is nothing less than excellent - really this is what makes Lia’s in my opinion.  The pizza and sandwiches are good but my favorite is their chicken parm grinder.

Chicken Parm Grinder: The chicken cutlet itself is flavorful; breaded and fried to a crisp.  On a great tasting roll, they layer the chicken with a good bit of mozzarella, bake it til the roll is golden, then pour on their awesome signature sauce. (They charge for additional sauce on the side.) The result is an excellent 9

The place itself is a bit odd, but the food is really good!

Overall Experience: 7.5

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  1. Theres a pizza boy there named mark...hes fucking sexy

  2. ahhhhh this is one of my fave pizza places around! i have several airport pick-ups and drop-offs out of shelton and love being able to slip in for a quick bite in between LGA and JFK. reserve a town car or limousine if you're around shelton so i have a reason to be in town!

  3. Work close by.
    Eat there almost every day for the last 10 years. Food is great. Prices are great. You have to try the Eggplant Pocket sandwiches! Worth the trip.