Friday, November 19, 2010

La Unica Puerto Rican Truck, New Haven CT

Have you ever seen those travel show hosts losing their minds over a piece of crispy pork skin and wondered how you can get in on the action without getting on an airplane? I have, and found a place right in New Haven. Another fine food truck in New Haven just off of I-95 (exit 46, Ikea) on Long Wharf Drive. 
Even though the menu is entirely in Spanish, the guy who took the order spoke English fluently, so don't be shy - belly up to the window and ask for what's good. You can see all their succulent meats on display through the window: roasted pork, roasted chickens, sausages, etc.
Up for review was a sampler platter of roast pork, blood sausage, potato ball, chicken patty, and rice and peas. The rice and peas with plantain had great seasoning - lightly buttery and salted just right. The plantain was just the way I like them; ripened and cooked so it's sweet, soft and caramelized on the outside. Rice and plantains is a winning combo - a must-have side with any of your meat selections.

Chicken Patty: Who doesn't love meat patties? The shell tastes a lot like some I've had in Jamaica with beef filling. But this chicken filling packs its own punch. It's not bland and has a rich chicken soup kind of flavor. I didn't find it the most exciting at first taste, but I ate the rest of one while writing this... and it was special indeed.  Really wish I had another one right now, so I'll go with a 9

Blood Sausage:  This one really surprised me. Blood sausages that I have had in the past have been on the dry side, but not this one.  The consistency of the filling is more like a moist mashed potato, it's got a soft texture but such a rich flavor.  There is a lot going on with the spices that give it a distinct flavor which apparently I really like! It's not weird, it's not over-whelming, it's like a tasty meat flavored mashed potato stuffing 8.5 

Potato Ball:  Dear god this thing is ingenious.  It's a very finely mashed potato mixture that encompasses some juicy, seasoned ground beef. The amazing part is how they managed to get this very delicate potato to hold the ground beef and its juices inside while being deep fried. Delicate and fun to eat, this is a must try 8.5

Roasted Pork:  If you ask these guys what they are known for, they will tell you it's their pork.  This roasted pork has been slow cooked and has all that pork flavor all up in the meat. And the piece de resistance! Crispy pork skin! Yes, I shouldn't even have to say anything.  Crispy, crunchy, fatty goodness 9

In the spirit of the Puerto Rican feast, I decided to go with some appropriate beverages.  Malta India: very... malty; tastes like molasses. Kola Champagne: carbonated bubble gum/cough syrup. Neither of these were my favorites. Next time, I'll take a coke.
A meal like this goes for $12, and it was enough for two.  I even had enough left-overs for a good-sized snack while writing this.  All in all, a fun experience and a great meal.  If you like food trucks check out our other long wharf food truck review of Ixtapa #1.

Overall experience: 8.5

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