Friday, November 26, 2010

Jesse Ray's Bar-B-Que/Mo Betta Food, New Haven CT

If you're lucky, you might be able to find the Mo Betta Food truck Sundays on West Rock Ave just outside the farmers market in Edgewood Park, New Haven.  These guys are there when they are not catering, and since this a weekend gig for them, finding Mo Betta Food is a rare treat.
This truck is run by two brothers who just like to BBQ on their weekends. As you can imagine, they take pride and joy in their work and BBQ up some delicious food. They do it southern style, the way they learned it from their grandfather.  The menu consists of ribs (beef and pork), pulled BBQ sandwiches, and a variety of chili dogs.  The truck window is lined with a variety of homemade sauces including chipotle, vinegar, Alabama (mayo-based), hot, and sweet.
On this particular day we decided to go with a Mo Betta Famous chili dog and a pork Pulled Bar-B-Que sandwich.

Mo Betta Famous chili dog: For 3 bucks this puppy is loaded with chili and comes with fries.  As far as chili dogs go, this is a great dog. It's supposed to come with cheese, onions and mustard, but this one seemed to be mostly chili.  It left me satisfied. 6

Pork Pulled Bar-B-Que sandwich: Now if you find these guys, the BBQ is what you want to go for. And the pulled pork sandwich delivers.  This sandwich goes for 7 bucks and comes with coleslaw and fries.  I'm not a huge fan of fries with BBQ but the coleslaw was off the hook.  The pulled pork has very rich smokey flavor and comes dry allowing you to douse it down with any one of their vast selection of BBQ sauces.  We tried them all and our favorites were the chipotle and the Alabama.  Whatever secrets their grandfather passed down to them, I am very happy that they are sharing it with the rest of us.  Phenomenal BBQ flavor, lots of fun and great tasting sauces. This is a solid 8.5
If your going here, you have to try the BBQ. The guys have great personalities and make it a lot of fun to hang out by the truck and try all of their great BBQ sauces.  I will definitely be back to try their ribs.

Overall Experience: 8.5

* The guys at Jesse Ray's let us know they can now be followed on twitter @jesseraysbarbqu


  1. WOW.!!! i'ts been two years since wev'e been interviewed by CONNECTICUT FOOD TOUR i think it's about time for another Interview....JESSERAYS BARBQUE