Monday, November 1, 2010

Ixtapa 1 Mexican Taco Truck, New Haven CT

The Long Wharf food trucks are located just off of I-95 (exit 46, Ikea) on Long Wharf Drive, across from Long Wharf Park.  If you have not been to visit the Long Wharf food trucks, all I can say is: you are missing out!
This particular day, we chose to go with a taco truck - there are other trucks as well with Puerto Rican food, hot dogs, pizza etc.  We went with one of our favorites, Ixtapa 1. (There are two Ixtapa trucks and they do have different food.) These guys serve up some great Mexican tacos and they are quick! Expect to have your tacos in hand seconds after ordering.  They also have fresh, home-made salsas and a small counter which comes in handy.
 The prices are great, too! $1.50 tacos!

Here they serve up tacos, burritos, tortas, cemitas....  Maybe some of those for next time but today, it's TACOS!  We decided to do a run down so we went with one of each.
top beef, left chicken, bottom lengua, left pork
All tacos are topped off with onions, cilantro, salsa, and a lime; all on two corn tortillas.  

Beef Taco: This is some nicely spiced and grilled up beef. The steak flavor is a big player in this one and I give this puppy 8.5

Chicken Taco: You can really taste the salsa and citrus flavors from the toppings since the chicken does not lend as much to the flavor, but that's just fine by me for 7.5.  

Pork Taco: The meat is spiced and a bit dry, the least exciting to me but still a great taco at 6

Lengua Taco: If you have not had this before then don't think of it as tongue. We had to work ourselves up to it, but it was normal looking and tasty. If you didn't know, you would probably think it's stewed beef.  The meat was well stewed and very tender with nice beefy flavor, 7.5.  

Cabeza Taco: It's about the same as lengua, but has more of the fattier bits in it, for me I give it 6.  

I recommend washing it all down with a cold bottle of Jarrito - these come in brightly colored fruit flavors like lime and mandarin.

And for dessert: churros! Chewy, sugary goodness to finish up the meal. You often can find a churro vendor wandering the strip. Churros usually go for a buck a piece or 6 for $5.

So, all in all, we highly recommend checking out these trucks. It's cheap, different and delicious! Give them a try!

Overall Experience: 8.5 


  1. Love the taco trucks in New Haven! We go all the time, and they always deliver.

  2. Ugh, the tongue is so damn good. I think I'll go there tomorrow!