Saturday, November 13, 2010

Indochine Pavilion, New Haven CT

Finally, amongst a horde of Thai restaurants on Chapel Street in New Haven, something distinctly different: Vietnamese food! ...And more Thai food as well.

The decor is... typical South Asian restaurant.
They have both Thai and Vietnamese on the menu, but we've only tried Vietnamese.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls: We usually like to start off with these.  They're distinct from typical must've-been-mass-produced spring rolls you usually see. Served with a tangy sweet sauce, the super crispy shell contains a great meat, noodle, veggie mixture. The portion is 3 rolls cut in half, but we devoured all but one before we remembered to take a picture. This is definitely the way to start your meal here. 9.
We've heard good things about their lunch buffet, but after seeing it, we weren't compelled to try it.  We love noodle soup, so we usually go with Pho - a beef noodle soup which here is served with all the condiments on the side.  This time on the plate were bean sprouts, lime, onions and Thai basil, along with the usual spices and condiments. (They don't have the bottles of sauces that you get at some Pho restaurants.)
This is the smaller of the two portion sizes
Pho: We wouldn't recommend eating this without a good douse of all the condiments provided - they are essential to the dish!  Do not forget the hot sauce. After setting the bowl all up, the result was a really great 8.5.

Prices are good, servers were friendly and the food we had was tasty.

Overall Experience: 8

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